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Japan Society for Studies of Ancient America Conference 2013

Japan Society for Studies of Ancient America Conference 2013 was held at Yamagata University on 7th December in 2013. The interests of the members of this society range from archaeology and history of ancient civilizations in Central America - Maya and Aztec civilizations to South America - Inca and Andes civilizations.

The conference has two sessions - the preliminary report on the investigations in 2013 and the workshop on current research.

The following is the abstracts of the presentations in joint names – collaborators and each of us.
(R.F), (M.G)

The topographic survey of Tikal North Acropolis Project-Making and utilizing accurate coordinate data around the center area of the site
Tikal North Acropolis Project is carried out by Kanazawa University. We are doing the survey at broad area around North Acropolis. Our aim is to make higher accurate maps.16km² site map published by Robert Carr in 1961 is the significant achievement of Pennsylvania University. This site map has been used for many various studies. However the old map has some errors.

Planimetric method Penn Univ. adopted is still effective to make broad area map includes structures that have not been investigated. Currently, survey equipment and GIS (Geographical Information System) are developed. Under the situation, we need to survey again. We will get higher accurate maps by the digital-based survey. Based on new maps, we will be able to reexamine former studies. In addition, digital-based maps have an advantage to public easily.

Pennsylvania University spent 4 years to make 16km² map though they have several survey teams and equipment. In contrary, we are a small team – a few staff and equipment. It will take much time to make higher accurate maps than the project held by Penn Univ. We expect our new maps would be utilized for the future studies. We are holding the collaborative works with the Minister of culture and sports and technical team of Tikal. We are going to build the partnership with some nations, institutes and projects through the results of our survey. We hope Tikal Archaeological site and Center for Conservation and Investigation of Tikal was established by Japanese fund would be the hub of Maya civilization studies.


The museum of Tikal, Copan, and El Puente
We presented the present situation of each museum, the analysis of the problems, and future subjects. The problems of these museums are the exhibition is difficult for general visitor to understand, the badness of sightseeing service, and the lowness of the local residents' concern. In order to utilize these ruins including World Heritage, we suggested the improvement of sightseeing service, popularizing educational activities, research activities, enforcement of international cooperation, and creation of employment. Although the present condition cannot be improved easily because of less budget and few talented people, some projects aim to solve the problems have been planned. Toward the preservation and utilization of developing countries' cultural resources, it will be important to be conscious of the problems and improve the situation little by little.

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