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The Lecture by Prof. Kristian Kristiansen in Kyoto

The lecture by Prof. Kristian Kristiansen - "From Popular to Public Archeology" and “Europe – An Archaeology of Nations. Problem or Potential?” was held in Kyoto University on November 10. He is former Denmark Archaeological Inheritance Bureau Chief and a professor at Sweden University of Gothenburg now.

In the lecture, he often mentioned a word “heritage”. He pointed out, “The word ‘Heritage’ includes a certain hidden message generally”. “Heritage” has various variations, such as national heritage, local heritage, and European heritage. They have a deep relationship with the present politics and society. From the viewpoint of globalized age, heritages are regards as commodities. Illicit trade and transfer of cultural heritage from developing countries to developed countries are significant problems, and cultural tourism and capital transfer have become the large economy. Maybe they also support nationalism and potentially racism or historical identities. Thus, the word “heritage” includes various meanings. It would be necessary not only for the academic field but also for managing heritage field to deal with “heritage” critically.

In our program, we use the words “heritage” or “cultural resources” in discussions frequently. During the discussions, we should take a question into consideration. “What kind of meanings does the term have?”