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Experiencing the Tea Ceremony

On November 15th, we had a chance to experience Japanese traditional culture “Tea Ceremony”. Mrs. Uno, the wife of Professor Uno at Kanazawa University, welcomed us in her tea house which is called “雲藻庵”.

Before we went there, we already had a basic introduction of tea ceremony. But when we really came to the tea house, the felling was very solemn. All the tea utensils are quite elegant and all the steps of making tea are very strict. The decorations in the room are very particular and the dress of the hosts is very careful too. Firstly, Mrs. Uno and her assistants made tea for us, and then they taught us to do it by ourselves.

The most impressive thing is the atmosphere of the tea house. When the hosts prepare the tea, all the people should keep quiet and breathe lightly. We could only hear the sound of boiling water and stirring the tea. I felt concentrative and peaceful then.

Professor Uno also showed us the small garden around the tea house. The arrangement of the plants was exquisite.

From this little trip, we have a chance to experience the  spirit of “茶道.

(Wang Dongdon)

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