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Visit to the Little World Museum of Man

On September 26th we went to “The Little World Museum of Man”, which is located in Inuyama city, Aichi prefecture. When we arrived at the museum in the morning, the curator, Takao Miyazato who has been working there for 9 years, welcomed us. He gave us a brief lecture about the management and mission of the museum; the way they reconstruct and conserve traditional houses and buildings from all over the world; and how they strive to provide the visitors enjoyable experience from world’s heritages. The most unique thing about the museum is that the visitors are able to touch and go inside those houses: this is something more than just encountering exotic cultures by seeing the displayed exhibit. With the direct experience and learning through their sense and perceptions, the visitors will be given the chances to understand the buildings and ethnic artefacts even more deeply.


Afterwards, we visited the main indoor-exhibition building. First, we visited the newest collection of the museum: Turkish gallery, which exhibited the Turkish culture and its introductory 3D animated movie in the theatre room. Then, we went inside the sub hall that has artefacts of more than 6,000 items from many countries; it is divided into 5 themes: 1) The mankind-evolution, 2) Means for living-technique, 3) World of communication-language, 4) Interrelationship among people and society, and 5) Spiritual world-values.


Later on, we were given some free times to explore the vast area of the outdoor museum. The museum area is twice as large as Tokyo Disneyland or 45 times soccer field, and we had to take the museum buses to go around the areas that we wanted to see. We stopped by at Indian house to try Indian traditional costumes, called sari, and took pictures together. Here, not only that we were able to enjoy the view and displays like other museums, but also get to touch, hear, feel, and experience every detail of the well-themed traditional houses and its surroundings.


In the afternoon, Mr Miyazato gave us another tour, which is inside the storage or warehouse of the museum where they store artefacts that have not yet been displayed. He explained how to treat, sort, and prepare the artefacts before they are display at the museum, and how to manage them in the warehouse by labelling and so on.


Although we enjoyed the museum so much, it was a little regrettable that we weren’t able to see all the exhibits. This is mainly because the museum is so vast, and we did not have enough time for it.  I wish to visit here sometime soon, but this is not an accessible facility, especially for children and elderly people: this may be one of few weak point of this wonderful museum.




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