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Experiment : Question-and-answer in Wajima Kirimoto

In this field trip, with Wajima Kirimoto’s cooperation, we conducted an experim…

Kirimoto Workshop 1

Preservation trail of the traditional treasure: Wajima-nuri by Kirimoto Wooden Craft Workshop

Have you ever been to Wajima city at the northern edge of the Noto peninsula? Wajima …

Rooted Essence-3

Rooted Essence: The Duality Viewpoint on Wajima Lacquer-ware

What crosses your mind when you think about lacquer-ware? I never encountered them in…

Wajima Kiriko Museum 1

Kiriko, the spirit of Noto: Visit to Wajima Kiriko Art Museum

I attended the field trip to Noto organized by the Graduate Program in Cultural Resou…

Wajima Lacquerware Wooden Bowl

A way of preserving and promoting the value of lacquerware in Wajima city

Wajima is a big city of Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa prefecture. The City has a harbor …


Preserving Zen`s tranquility in the enchanting YOKOJI

It was sunny all day when we went to the Yokoji Temple. The road that we took was sur…

Pottery Workshop Eriko

Passing Down the Beauty of Handicrafts

Pottery is the first synthetic material ever created by humans. It has played an impo…

Komatsu archaeology Center2

The Archaeological center - a multi-functional center in Komatsu city

On the 19th of April 2016, new comers like us in the CRM programs took part in an in…


What’s on the Ancient House? : Fusion of local museum and conserved old building

Old English houses really appear as if time stop has stopped; they are squeaking and …